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❄️ Compulsory winter equipment

Special equipment for vehicles is no longer an option, but is now compulsory in winter. This applies to the whole Savoie region, and shall be in force between the 1st November and 31st March.

Light vehicles, utility vehicles and motorhomes must now:

Penalties will apply for those who fail to comply. Drivers who do not have the necessary equipment may be issued a 4th category fine, i.e., a 135 euro fine and possible immobilisation of the vehicle. The driver of the vehicle shall be liable for the penalties, not the owner.

🅿️ Parking facilities

Free outdoor car parks can be found in every district of the resort.

Once you arrive in Les Menuires, you can give your car a rest as you won’t be needing it during your stay. Free shuttle buses run between the different sectors and between resorts.

🚌 Free shuttle buses

Free shuttles are available to move between the districts of the resort and between the villages of the Valley.

See the free shuttle buses

🚕 Taxis

Download the list of Les Menuires taxi services

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