Holiday checklist

Snow and board sports
OT Les Menuires

With only a few days to go until your holiday, it is time to think about what to pack in your suitcase. But how can you be sure not to forget anything? To help you prepare, here is a checklist of everything you may need.

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  • Skis or snowboards, ski boots and ski poles
  • Protective equipment: a ski helmet, a ski mask and gloves or mittens
  • For fans of freeriding: avalanche transceivers and a shovel and probe are essential for any off-piste excursions

If you don't have your own equipment, consult the ski rental shops and, for greater peace of mind, consider renting from the shop closest to your accommodation.

Clothes and accessories

For snow sports

  • A ski jacket and ski/snowboard trousers
  • Several warm fleeces
  • Technical ski underwear to keep you warm and comfortable, whilst wicking away sweat to keep you dry
  • Lots of pairs of socks
  • A neck-warmer
  • A pair of sunglasses, as UV rays are particularly strong in the mountains
  • A backpack to hold your flask and snacks, in case you feel peckish on the slopes

If you don't have any ski clothing, there's no need to panic! You can rent all your ski clothing in advance, and collect it when you arrive.

For the après-ski

  • A woolly hat
  • Breathable thermal t-shirts and trousers
  • Jumpers
  • A pair of slippers
  • A swimming costume and a towel. The resort has two swimming pools and spas for relaxing after a tiring day of skiing Miscellaneous
  • High-factor sun cream to protect yourself from the sun
  • After-sun in case you get burnt
  • Lip balm
  • A flask to stay hydrated all day long
  • A first-aid kit in case you get a blister, or any other slight injury
  • Packets of tissues
  • A phone charger
  • An ice scraper for the car windscreen
  • Snow chains, in case you need them
  • Health insurance cards
  • A medical certificate and a Personal Child Health Record is required for children going to the nursery
  • An ashtray for smokers. If you don't have one they are available at the tourist office - consider having a look around!

Zipping up a suitcase for a winter holiday is often a feat - consider using vacuum bags. With all the air sucked out, your clothes will be very compact and take up less space.

Just before you leave, here's a bit of advice

Test your snow chains and socks before arriving, to ensure that they are ready if you ever have to take them out. If you do need them, there are areas where you can fit them along the ascent between Moutiers and Les Menuires. Leave some warm clothes in your car (gloves, woolly hats, decent shoes etc.) as well as an electric lamp, some food and some water, in case of traffic.

On the resort map, make sure to locate where you will pick up and drop off your keys, and where your accommodation is, as they will not necessarily be in the same area. Download the resort map

Download the "Les Menuires" app for a detailed weather report, and plenty of other useful information during your stay, such as: real-time information about which lifts and slopes are open, and even statistics about your day on the slopes. App Store / Google Play

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