Motorhome Site

David Andre

Imagine a space with 60 pitches right near the ski lifts and shops. Away from the noise of the resort’s lively sectors, but connected to the busiest part by a gondola lift. Equipped with “flot-bleu” wastewater and water supply stations as well as power outlets to combine comfort and freedom. Camping car enthusiasts will find all they need on arrival or before they leave. And so they should, with one exception: the ambience stays!

The motorhome site is open all year round: Access to electricity hook-ups and sanitary terminals is by tokens The 2 sanitary terminals provide access to drinking water and disposal of waste water.


  • A pitch costs € 11 a day *
  • Payment is made at the end of the stay by debit card.
  • Tourist tax is € 0.22 per person
  • 1 token = € 2 (1 token: 4 hours of electricity or 20 minutes of access to the sanitary terminals)

*(free for up to 20 minutes of parking, then € 5 for 20 minutes to 12 hours)

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