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OT Les Menuires

In the back of our minds, we all remember a picnic at the water’s edge or at the top of a ski slope. It was just a hurriedly-wrapped meal of bread and cheese but, at the time, it felt like the best meal we’d ever had...

Simply delicious

There’s the recreational area by the water at Les Bruyères with its mountain bike Kid Zone and shaded picnic tables, or the one at Les Frachettes in the Vallée des Encombres, or Moulin de Burdin, where you haven’t been yet. But there are also plenty of natural spaces that are not in the guidebooks, and big flat stones and other makeshift tables found along your path. They invite you to take a break, quench your thirst and savour the moment. Now, you realise your holiday wouldn’t have quite the same flavour without these spur-of-the-moment experiences straight out of a picnic basket.

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