Picnic areas

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David André

In the back of our minds, we all remember a picnic at the water’s edge or at the top of a ski slope. It was just a hurriedly-wrapped meal of bread and cheese but, at the time, it felt like the best meal we’d ever had...

A snack in paradise

On a table corner, at the bottom of the snowpark or on the Bouquetin slope, or even higher up, at the top of the Roc 1 gondola lift. Salted meats purchased early in the morning, some fruit of the season, a nice hot coffee, and that incredible view of the surrounding peaks. Combining the pleasure of the eye with that of the palate makes it all even better. Pure indulgence. As much as you like, as simple as you like.

How to get there:

  • Roc 1 picnic area: at the entrance to the Roc 1 cable car
  • Pixel Area picnic area: Pixel Area Snowpark, at the entrance to the Sunny Express ski lift
  • La Masse picnic room: at the entrance of Masse 1 cable car

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