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Pretend you're a teacher or a pastry chef, test elaborate recipes (or not), tidy up, sort out, maybe garden...

You might not have time for all these activities normally, but this could be part of your new daily routine! Just a one-off, or something longer lasting? It doesn't matter, the important thing is to throw yourself into it. So, to mix things up a little, we've got a few anecdotes and secrets that we'd love to share, you just need to complete the quiz!

Where does the resort's name come from?

Answer 2: "Les Menuires" comes from "mineria" which means coal mine. The valley's residents used to work the mines in the neighbouring villages. Actually, life in Les Belleville didn't used to be as easy as it is now: the isolation, due to the distance to Moutiers, and the harshness of winters meant a self-sufficient lifestyle. Residents therefore had many roles: miners, but also peasants, farmers, masons, carpenters, weavers, clog makers... Before 1963, when the first building (the Le Solaret VVF holiday village) and 3 ski lifts were built, the Les Menuires plateau was used for seasonal grazing.

Why do we talk about the "Brelin liner"?

Answer 1: Far from being either "beautiful" or "ugly", Les Menuires and its big concrete buildings, designed in the 1960s by the pioneers of "white gold", have their own raw, mineral charm, and are functional, pragmatic, affordable and no frills: Brelin, a majestic Corbusian liner designed by the architects Douillet and Maneval and winner of the "20th century heritage" label in 2012, is one of those buildings. However, only fifty years ago, there was nothing more than an empty, windswept plateau, dotted with rare alpine pastures enclosed by fences. Today, with its ski-in ski-out and the total mountain experience with the large picture windows, this resort a very popular place.

Are there more ski slopes in winter than footpaths or mountain bike tracks in summer?

Answer 1: With nearly 80 ski slopes (and over 300 in the 3 Valleys), it would be hard to fit any more in. In summer, just in our valley, there are more than 30 mountain bike tracks (downhill, electric assisted, trails, pump track) and over 60 hiking trails, where you can discover lakes, views, marmots and blueberries. You can even walk through the 3 Valleys using the ski lifts to go up and/or down. That's really something to keep you busy, enjoy, breathe, perspire, and play... The icing on the cake is that it's super accessible in summer and not too crowded.

Why "friendly Menuires"?

Answer 2: "friendly" is an English word, pronounced ['frendlɪ], which literally means "warm", "familiar", "welcoming". It's true, that doesn't really explain it, so let's delve a little deeper. In fact, in Les Menuires, the ski instructors, shopkeepers, hoteliers, etc. are mainly locals. They love their land and they like to share their valley and their passion for the mountains. Thanks to them, Les Menuires is like a big family and is therefore considered to be the friendliest resort in the 3 Valleys. Why English? Because the Les Menuires family is international.

During the 1992 Olympic Games, which event was staged at Les Menuires?

Answer 2: During the Abertville1992 winter Olympic Games, the Belleville Valley was chosen to stage an Olympic event. Les Menuires hosted the Men's slalom. The slalom was won by the Norwegian, Jagge, with the Italian champion, Alberto Tomba, hot on his heels.

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