Les 3 Vallées

WiFi and internet access

Stay connected thanks to the solutions made available by the resort. Whether you are looking to share your best moments online, check the weather forecast or work remotely, our WiFi connection will satisfy all your browsing needs during your stay.

😉 Free Wi-Fi zones

The “MENUIRES FREE WIFI” network is available free of charge near the following spots:

👍😊 Other options

Neptune WiFi

For WiFi access in your accommodation or at other places across the resort, you can connect to the network named “Internet-ici LES MENUIRES” and pay directly on line.

4G box

Or you can rent a 4G Pocket Wi-Fi box. Ask the booking centre before your holiday, or at the tourist office once you've arrived. You will have access to a safe, private network that follows you everywhere, whether you're at home or on the slopes.

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