Things to Do if the Weather is Bad

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Sometimes the weather can act up, so we have a selection of activities for you for when it’s not nice outside. You’ll be able to wait for the sun to return with a smile on your face when you see that there’s still plenty to do in the meantime.

Relaxation & Wellness

Why not make the most of this grey day to stay warm and unwind? You can use the opportunity to go to the swimming pool, recharge your batteries at the spa, with hammam and sauna sessions, or enjoy a massage or other beauty treatment… the ultimate feel-good experience 😌

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You can also get some me-time by spoiling yourself at the many boutiques in the Croisette shopping centre or in the Bruyères district. And don’t forget the gourmet option of a hot chocolate break in one of the resort’s pubs.

Culture & Heritage

Your exploration of local heritage offerings can start with a visit to the must-see museum in Saint-Martin-de-Belleville to learn about the valley and its history. The museum is open every day and anyone interested in the subject can easily spend hours there.

The nearby church of Saint-Martin-de-Belleville is open all year long. You can stop in to admire the richly ornamented Baroque altarpieces. If you take the road heading up in the direction of Les Menuires, you won’t be able to miss the beautiful Notre-Dame-de-La-Vie chapel. This Baroque shrine has been and still is an important pilgrimage site.

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Upon arriving in Les Menuires, make sure to stop at the Maison de l’Abeille Noire et de la Nature (Honeybee and Nature Centre) by the Bruyères lake. Here you can learn all about the importance of the European dark bee, a native species to the Vallée des Belleville which is now protected after years of neglect.

For Athletes and Sports Enthusiasts

If you want to get some exercise and blow off steam, we suggest you visit the sports centre. Between judo and dance classes, squash, weightlifting, and group fitness classes, there’s enough here for you to burn off last night’s raclette.

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For Children of All Ages

For Children

The Fun Park offers jungle gyms, trampolines, and rope bridges for children to enjoy. Also, remember to pack your swimsuits and take your children to enjoy a dip in one of the resort’s swimming pools.

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The two cinemas offering daily screenings of the latest films are another great way to have fun. An extra screening is added to the schedule on bad weather days!

Escape Games

To forget the bad weather there’s nothing quite like a good fit of laughter! With this takeaway escape game, you’re going to have to use your grey matter to figure out the riddles and open the icebox to enjoy the aperitif inside. If that doesn’t tempt you, there’s also another takeaway box with a nuclear theme.

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