Where can you have a picnic on the slopes?

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Great weather, sunshine and blue skies – the perfect setting to have a snack on the slopes before heading back to the skiing. So where are the best places to have a picnic in Les Menuires in winter? That’s the very question we’ll be answering on this page! 😊

1. The Roc 1 picnic area: a sandwich with a view

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Just above the Roc 1 gondola lift, you’ll find a comfortable seating area complete with tables, benches and deckchairs for lounging peacefully in the sunshine. You will also be able to enjoy the panoramic view and orientation board indicating the surrounding peaks.

Here’s a tip for you: we've thought of everything, even your mobiles! Since batteries can run down more quickly in cold weather, you’ll find charging points and adapters for recharging your mobile phones 📱

2. The Pixel Area picnic zone: a musical lunch experience

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Just below the snow park is a great place to have a picnic with friends after trying out the jumps (or just enjoying the show 😜). There’s music and comfortable footstools to sit on, which all creates the ultimate feel-good factor.

As a bonus, you can also take a photo using the terrace's webcam to capture the moment and the panorama – a lovely souvenir of your day!

3. The Friendly Natural Park for families

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Families are certain to appreciate this little corner of paradise. Situated in La Masse, the Friendly Natural Park is the place to go for fun and picnics. It’s a delight for young and old alike and we highly recommend a visit.

4. Look at the inspiration for the day...

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In fact, the picnic is wherever you want it to be! The trick is to find a nice, safe place that won’t get in the way of the other skiers so you can enjoy a lovely cosy moment at the top 🌞

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